Sasha Prokhorenko

As a Software Engineer, I have almost a decade of experience in software engineering and in particular, more than six years in the mobile ecosystem.

I've been working for very different products, different markets, and various technologies.For high-profile clients like Philip Morris International, Vorwerk, and start-ups on early stages.

Sometimes things that I've done get attention from people and even collect some awards like Red Dot or Golden Drum.

Occasionally I write posts on different software engineering topics on Medium and GitHub.

When I have spare time I produce electronic music, read books, or traveling.

I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer at Heartbeat Labs.This organization is shaping health care and medicine for the better.

Specialties: Flutter, Dart, iOS, Swift, Objective-C, React Native, JavaScript.

Interests: Rust, Functional Programming, Machine Learning, Data Science.

You can ping me on Twitter or check my contribution to open source on GitHub.