Sasha Prokhorenko

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As a Software Engineer, I have more than a decade of experience in software engineering.

I've been working on very different products, different markets, and various technologies.For high-profile clients like PepsiCo, Philip Morris International, Vorwerk, and start-ups on different stages.

I developed, led, architect, and distributed through different channels more than twenty mobile apps and games. Delivered numerous IoT projects, web apps, and services.

Sometimes things that I've done get attention from people and even collect some awards like Red Dot or Golden Drum.

I’ve been using Flutter for more than four years now, so I consider myself as one of the early adopters of Flutter.

Occasionally I write posts on different software engineering topics on Medium.

When I have spare time I produce electronic music, read books, or travel.

Specialties: Cross-platform development with Flutter, native development for Apple’s OSes with Swift, and web service and system development with Rust.

Interests: Web3, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, Functional Programming, VR/AR, and Machine Learning.

You can find me on Twitter.